Bring your own piece April 9th


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10:30 AM

Bring your own piece to RBE and learn invaluable techniques to refinish your own furniture pieces at home! Items no larger than 3x3 are generally accepted, as well as dresser drawers. In fact, we encourage you to bring your dresser drawers so you can impress yourself with your own new skills when you get home and finish the full piece yourself! In this 3-4 hour class you will receive complete instruction from Julie, a Certified Country Chic Paint Specialist, and have the opportunity to use crackle medium, image transfer, accent creams, and/or natural and specialty waxes! Choose from over 34 Country Chic Paint colours to customize your design and suit your home. Be sure to email us with photos of your piece at [email protected] just incase there is any prep work to be done before class! Julie will advise you on how to get it ready for the beautification process. Re-finish that piece you always told yourself you would!