Country Chic Paint’s All-In-One Decor Paint is the best choice for repainting any piece of furniture or home decor. This clay paint is self-priming on most pieces, is eco-friendly and will leave a beautiful chalky finish. It gives excellent coverage (requiring less coats) and can be used for both interior and exterior projects.

This clay-based paint was exclusively formulated by our trusted manufacturer (who has been in the paint industry for over 80 years) and we believe it will rock your world. The adhesion is amazing and the paint dries to a super durable finish that doesn't require a top coat.

If you want to distress your piece, then this is the best paint for the job. You will love how simple it is to create a shabby chic look with Country Chic Paint.

Whether you use Country Chic Paint to transform your home with beautiful painted furniture, or create pieces to sell, we are sure that you will LOVE our products.

 Country Chic Paint       

To learn more about using Country Chic Chalk Paint click here:



Tough Coat from Country Chic Paint is specifically designed to go over our furniture paint; it provides top-notch protection for surfaces that get a lot of use, such as table tops and kitchen cabinets. 

This scratch-resistant, water-based topcoat has a very low odor and it will not discolor the paint. The finish is crystal clear and resistant to household chemicals, alcohol and water. It dries quickly (without staying tacky), and is environmentally friendly, with easy soap and water clean-up.

Make sure you check out this tutorial on how to apply Tough Coat before you get started.

The quart size can will cover at least 100sq ft, so you'll be able to do approximately two kitchen table tops (2 coats each). The pint size covers at least one large kitchen table with 2 coats, and the sample sizes gives you at least about 15 sq ft of coverage.

Please note: NO wax should be used underneath Tough Coat. 

Tough Coat   Tough Coat      



Our delicious furniture wax contains beeswax and other natural waxes and oils. It does NOT contain any mineral solvents and it only has the smell that is naturally present in the beeswax and other natural oils. 

It's super easy to apply with either a wax brush, or a lint-free cloth.

After your paint has completely dried, apply a coat of wax for a protective and professional finish!

Our natural wax goes on with a smooth clear finish.

With our dark brown antiquing wax, you can give your piece a beautiful time-worn look.

Our stunning metallic Pearl Wax will give your piece a pearlescent shimmer. Apply it over the entire piece, or just add a few highlights.

Our White Wax will give your piece a subtle white washed effect. Apply it over the entire piece, or just add a few highlights.

Our stunning metallic Gold Wax will give your piece a shimmery gold appearance... Apply it over the entire piece, or just add a few highlights. Be warned: you're going to want to add it to all your pieces once you've used it once!

This nice warm Grey Wax is perfect for adding a subtle bit of age to your piece. It shows up best on lighter paint colors.

Black Wax is perfect for adding depth and impact to your piece. It will really make the details in your piece pop. Or use it on stained wood to deepen the color.


To learn more about applying wax to your project click here:



Authentically recreate that wonderful antique look of aged paint with our easy-to-use Crackle Medium!


Click to see our full instructions on how to give your furniture a crackled finish:


Our easy to use Texture Powder is an eco-friendly, mineral-based paint additive to help you create unique finishes. With Texture Powder, you can create raised stencil effects, or an all-over textured finish for a more rustic look!

texture   texture powder

Texture Powder is colorless and thus will not affect the color of your paint. To learn more click here:


Bring out the details of your piece with Country Chic’s eco-friendly furniture glaze.

The clear glaze can be mixed with any Country Chic paint color in a 4 part glaze to 1 part paint ratio. The Tiger's Eye pre-tinted glaze is a mahogany brown with a warm undertone. The color Smoky Quartz is a dark chocolate, cooler brown. Our Graphite is a dark, cool grey, which dries almost black.

Simply apply the glaze to your piece after your final coat of paint has dried completely. Just brush it on and use a damp lint-free cloth to remove the excess. 

Country Chic's glaze can be used underneath Tough Coat or Wax, if desired. It is also suitable for exterior pieces.

glaze      Glaze      Glaze

Click here to learn more about glaze application.


With our environmentally-friendly, water-based Metallic Cream you can add beautiful metallic effects to your projects to give them just a touch of extra charm!

After your piece has dried for at least 12 hours, apply a small amount of the Metallic Cream in accent areas for a bit of glam or all over your piece by using a brush, sponge or lint-free cloth. A little goes a long way! 

Metallic Cream is available in 4 beautiful colors: Silver Bullet (silver), Pocket Watch (gold), Belt Buckle (bronze) and Trigger (pewter).

Make sure you check out this tutorial on how to apply Accent Cream before you get started.



Our fabulous wax brushes are a must-have as they will make waxing your piece so much easier! They're of the best quality with stiff bristles and a well-formed handle that makes them very comfortable.

The brushes will help you in applying the wax in all the nooks and crannies of your piece. With a cloth you might end up using too much wax, but with these wax brushes it is much easier to use the wax more sparingly.

You will want to use the small one for little projects, and the large one will come in handy for those big pieces with large surfaces. We recommend dedicating your wax brushes to their own specific waxes. So use one for your antiquing wax and another one for your natural wax, for example. 



Meet the newest brush in our line of brushes: the 1.5" synthetic oval paint brush.

All brushes in our line are selected specifically for use with our paint - this brush is made with synthetic bristles which will allow you to easily apply the paint to your piece without noticeable brush strokes.

The oval brush is packed with bristles and will hold more paint than the flat brushes, making your paint job faster and more efficient. This top-of-the-line tool will soon be your go-to brush.

Size: 2" & 1.5" 



Our line of brushes was selected specifically for use with our paint - they are made with nylon bristles which will allow you to easily apply the paint to your piece without noticeable brush strokes. 

These brushes are high-quality and will last you a very long time.
The short handles on these brushes will allow you to more easily apply paint in the confined areas of your piece where working space is limited.

Size: 1.5", 2", &  2.5" 



These sponges are a great paint applicator as they will help you achieve smooth, thin coats of paint. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can apply each coat of paint using a sponge and they're great for tricky areas like chair spindles.

The sponges are reusable and can be rinsed with water after use.



Our Brush Soap will keep your paint brushes clean and conditioned so they will last longer. This natural soap is environmentally-conscious and is lightly scented with peppermint essential oil for a subtle and pleasant smell.
To use, gently rub a small amount of soap on you brush and bristles and rinse with water.
Made with 100% natural (75% organic) ingredients.

Does not contain any synthetic fragrances and is free of phthalates, sulfates, dye, parabens, and harsh chemicals. Vegan and not tested on animals.



Our Hemp Oil is an environmentally-friendly, 100% natural furniture finish. It is completely free of solvents or other chemical additives. You can use it on raw wood, furniture pieces painted with Country Chic Paint, on leather, or even on wooden floors. Simply apply the Hemp Oil to your fully dried, finished piece and allow to dry for 12 hours, then use a lint-free cloth to remove any excess oil.

Sizes:  Half Pint (8oz), Pint (16oz)

Watch the video below to learn more about hemp oil!


How fun would it be if you could transfer intricate designs to your projects??!! Well, with this fabulous product you can transfer any design to painted furniture, signs, etc.!!! And you can also use it for decoupage if that's more your thing. Have fun creating with this great new product! Think about all the fun projects you can do... The possibilities are endless!

Transfer medium      transfer

Want to know how to use Image Transfer Medium?  Watch this tutorial and learn how to transfer images to wood!



Our easy to use Antiquing Dust allows you to add an authentic-looking aged effect to your projects. 
Each jar contains 4.25 oz (120 g) of Antiquing Dust.


Watch this video to learn all about using this fun product!


Clear Coat is a beautiful, satin-finish top coat that adds durability and protection to the finish of your painted furniture. Clear Coat is environmentally-conscious with no VOCs and easy soap and water clean-up. Application is easiest with a painting sponge. Apply the first coat and let dry completely; approximately 1 hour. Finish with 3-4 coats for optimal protection. Allow at least 1 hour dry time between each coat.

Please note: NO wax or Hemp Oil should be used underneath Clear Coat. 


This Clear Bonding Primer is an environmentally-conscious preparation product designed to be used when painting a challenging surface. The product is clear, allowing you to distress your piece and still see the original wood tones underneath.

Before you start, make sure your project is clean, dust-free, and dry. Shake and stir the Clear Bonding Primer well, then apply it to your project with a synthetic paint brush or painting sponge. Apply paint after allowing your coat of Primer to dry for 12 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Does not block bleed-through from tannins or nicotine.

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