Turn Your Home Into Your Passion

Red Brick Emporium 

A Message From The Owner 

"As a small child I remember being hauled around from auction hall to auction hall. We ran around playing hide and go seek and tag your it, we didn't pay much attention to what was being sold unless we were trying to fit inside it to hide. It wasn't until college that my appreciation began. 
I was so excited when I bought my first Ikea bookshelf, my dad was horrified and my mother reassured him I would learn on my own and that I did. I moved once and my bookshelf never stood straight again! It was a quick lesson and my LOVE for solid, beat up and battered furniture began. To me it is home.

Red Brick Emporium is a reflection of my past and a way of paying homage to my parents.
Modern and New...seriously you can combine the two together! Just because I love old doesn't mean I don't like shiny and sparkly!! Creating a store that combines the two just made sense to me. I don't want to live in a museum (sorry Mom & Dad) but I don't want to live without sparkle either. This is how Red Brick Emporium was formed for YOU! 
Red Bricks collection is hand picked with heart, soul and creativity. You will find yourself having flashbacks in time with vintage tins, Pyrex, Jadeit, vintage wood shovels, pitch forks, old windows, harvest tables, the list is constantly changing and I have even had the occasional bookshelf. 
From new to old or old to new, let your hunt begin at Red Brick Emporium, where we turn your home into your passion."

Mixing Old & New 

Red Brick Emporium is all about combining new and old, creating a feeling of old world elegance. As  soon as you step through the door the charm will surround you. You will find pieces with history, character and style, combined with modern d├ęcor. Working the two styles together will help make your home your own. Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.