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Red Brick Emporium 



Whether you're upscaling furniture, adding a finishing touch to your kitchen, or simply want to transform a cupboard, cabinet, dresser or chest of drawers, we hope you'll find what you're looking for at Red Brick Emporium.

We stock several different designs and styles, and are constantly adding new pieces to help keep your creative juices flowing. We have a variety of styles, ceramic,iron,glass,resin and natural stone.


Our selection of coat hooks are both practical and pleasing to look at. They are ones that you’d want to both look at and hang your coat on!  Whether they’re for your hallway, kitchen, or the back of a bedroom door, our stunning range of coat hooks will enhance the character of any room.  The coat hooks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and hooks from the same range sit beautifully next to each other – so the number of potential combinations is huge! 

Our coat hooks offer a stylish solution for your storage needs and are a beautiful way to declutter coats, bags and scarves. We have received lovely feedback from our customers about them, and we are continually adding new designs to our shop.


Shelves are a great way not only to display but to organize and decorate as well. Easily attached to your wall a shelf adds a functional element to any room, and our iron shelf brackets are perfect for supporting all the shelves you could need.

Bracket supported shelves can be used throughout your home. Whether placed below a piece of metal wall art to fashion a creative wall display, mounted on a fence behind your outdoor patio furniture and lined with plants or staggered along a wall to display books and artwork, our shelf brackets come in a variety sizes and styles that will add a tasteful yet functional accent to your project. 

Check out our
Pinterest boards to get great ideas about using rod iron brackets displays.


Embellish the look of your doors with delightful decorative door hinges.


A door knocker is jewelry for your door, it allows people outside a house to alert those inside to their presence, so why not provide one with style. Your front door is the focal point for all your guests, so let them knock in style.


Door stops should be as pretty as they are practical and our door stops range is full of wonderful solutions. Why not add a small but eye-catching door stopper that would add cheer to your home’s décor!