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Clear Coat 

Clear Coat is a beautiful, satin-finish top coat that adds durability and protection to the finish of your painted furniture.

Clear Coat is environmentally-conscious with no VOCs and easy soap and water clean-up.

Application is easiest with a painting sponge. Apply the first coat and let dry completely; approximately 1 hour. Finish with 3-4 coats for optimal protection. Allow at least 1 hour dry time between each coat.

Please note: NO wax or Hemp Oil should be used underneath Clear Coat. 

Clear Coat & Clear Bonding Primer

Clear Bonding Primer

This Clear Bonding Primer is an environmentally-conscious preparation product designed to be used when painting a challenging surface. The product is clear, allowing you to distress your piece and still see the original wood tones underneath.

Before you start, make sure your project is clean, dust-free, and dry. Shake and stir the Clear Bonding Primer well, then apply it to your project with a synthetic paint brush or painting sponge. Apply paint after allowing your coat of Primer to dry for 12 hours.

​PLEASE NOTE: Does not block bleed-through from tannins or nicotine.