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Red Brick Emporium 

All-in-One Decor Paint

​Country Chic Paint’s All-In-One Decor Paint is the best choice for repainting any piece of furniture or home decor. This clay paint is self-priming on most pieces, is eco-friendly and will leave a beautiful chalky finish. It gives excellent coverage (requiring less coats) and can be used for both interior and exterior projects.

Furniture Glaze

Bring out the details of your piece with Country Chic’s eco-friendly furniture glaze.


Texture Powder

​Our easy to use Texture Powder is an eco-friendly, mineral-based paint additive to help you create unique finishes. With Texture Powder, you can create raised stencil effects, or an all-over textured finish for a more rustic look.


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Image Transfer Medium

How fun would it be if you could transfer intricate designs to your projects??!!

Country Chic Paint 

Antiquing Dust 

Our easy to use Antiquing Dust allows you to add an authentic-looking aged effect to your projects.

Hemp Oil

Our Hemp Oil is an environmentally-friendly, 100% natural furniture finish. It is completely free of solvents or other chemical additives.

All Waxes

Our delicious furniture wax contains beeswax and other natural waxes and oils. It does NOT contain any mineral solvents and it only has the smell that is naturally present in the beeswax and other natural oils. 

Metallic Cream

With our environmentally-friendly, water-based Metallic Cream you can add beautiful metallic effects to your projects to give them just a touch of extra charm!

Crackle Medium

Authentically recreate that wonderful antique look of aged paint with our easy-to-use Crackle Medium!

Clear Coat & Clear Bonding Primer

Clear Coat is a beautiful, satin-finish top coat that adds durability and protection to the finish of your painted furniture.

Clear Bonding Primer is an environmentally-conscious preparation product designed to be used when painting a challenging surface.

Red Brick Emporium is a proud to have Country Chic Paint as part of our vintage home decor collection!

Designed for DIYers Country Chic Paint is a fabulous furniture paint that is eco-friendly and contains no harmful solvents.

It can be used to make new pieces look old, distressed and rustic or transform an outdated piece with new colour and style!


Our fabulous brushes are a must-have as they will make creating your pieces so much easier! They're of the best quality and we carry many different types: waxing brushes, paint brushes, and spring brushes.

Tough Coat

Tough Coat from Country Chic Paint is specifically designed to go over our furniture paint; it provides top-notch protection for surfaces that get a lot of use, such as table tops and kitchen cabinets.