Turn Your Home Into Your Passion

Red Brick Emporium 

Warm lighting, cozy throws and inviting decor- there's no better way to make your house feel like a home. Here at Red Brick Emporium our collection includes rustic benches, quaint tables, and vintage chairs. These fabulous items are surrounded with shabby chic products that brighten the room by adding a flare you can't find anywhere else- we are not the typical home decor or vintage store!

We really wanted it to represent a true feeling of home and happiness, with a little touch of everything: from distressed wood picture frames, chalk painted furniture  and reclaimed stools to handbags and hardware. Its fun and its quirky, just like our owner Julie Breeze, but most of all it's a relaxed shopping experience that you will be sure to love!

Red Brick Emporium has a passion for decor and an eye for secret treasures. It doesn't matter if you have lived in your home for years or just settling into a new space, we have gathered an engaging collection just for you. 

Our number one goal is to help you turn your home into your passion! A home that your friends and family will truly treasure every time they come to visit because it is a true representation of you.